Client Stories

"Having Maria as my restorative parent coach has helped me in so many ways. Besides being a most positive and supportive ally during my parenting struggles, she has also been a wonderful teacher, giving me tools to establish a much closer, less stressful relationship with my daughter. I now have a clear understanding of why I was struggling as a parent, and why my child was struggling as well. It has been a wonderful opportunity to learn with her and I benefited so greatly from our time together. 


Before this coaching experience I was turning into the parent I never wanted to be. As my daughter entered her teenage years, I found myself stressed out to the max by having to repeat myself over and over when I needed her to complete her tasks. When the results were not done as I expected, the stress and fatigue became overwhelming. Every day was a power struggle and I was losing it! I resorted to yelling and threatening in order to get her attention. This caused her to become distant and disengaged. Our  relationship was suffering and I had no idea what to do.


The most valuable part of this coaching experience for me was learning how to understand my child's thought process, fully evaluating situations before reacting to them. I learned how to effectively communicate with my daughter and hold space for her to respond. The more I worked at building trust with her in a non-reactive, non judgmental environment where she felt safe to share her thoughts, the closer and more fulfilling our relationship became. 


Another invaluable benefit that I took away from this program was how to take care of myself better, and give myself a break, so I could be more fully present and fulfilled in my role as a parent.  I am now able to give my child more of my focused attention and time without feeling so worn out.


Trusting my child to take on more responsibility has been life-changing. She feels better about herself and is able to develop new skills to handle things on her own. I am guiding her instead of ordering her around, and this is giving her a new confidence I have not seen in her before!


Because of this coaching experience, I have been enjoying a closer relationship with my daughter. Checking in with her regularly and designating time together, whether it’s gratefulness practice or just showing appreciation and validation for her efforts has made a world of difference. 


If anyone has any questions regarding the value of the restorative parent coaching program, please feel free to contact me. It’s been life-changing for me and I am quite sure it will be for you too!"

Jenei O. - Mother of a 14-year-old

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