My Story

Hi, my name is Maria and I’m a Certified Parent and Caregiver Coach with a specialty in trauma. As a Russian immigrant with primary care takers who survived World War II, I’m no stranger to adjustments and challenges. Not surprisingly, in my early teen years, I got into an unhealthy relationship which quickly became abusive in which I stayed for 16 years. I've always had an avid interest in psychology and in addition to taking AP psychology in high school and sociology and philosophy courses in college, I would read anything and everything that I could get my hands on related to these subjects. But, low and behold, one day - though I was convinced I knew better and it wouldn't happen to me - I realized that I was a statistic. After getting over the shock of this discovery, I started therapy and my fears were confirmed. I started doing the difficult work of answering some tough questions. Recognizing that this was not a good situation for either of us and that we weren't going to be able to work through it - we split up. Once I gained this awareness, and chose to let in the possibility that I might be worth investing my time and energy into, everything shifted. I had to keep doing the hard work of sorting myself out, but lots of great things started to happen.


Later in my adulthood, my step-daughter told her father and me that she was being abused and neglected by her mother and step-father. Therefore, I’m well aware of what it’s like to deal with “the system”, custody issues, and helping a youngster recover from trauma. I know first-hand how overwhelming, emotionally disturbing and exhausting it is to have to fight for the well-being of your most prized gift - a child - and feeling like you have to move heaven and earth to help them go through the most well-rounded healing journey to come out stronger, centered, humble, and happy on the other side.  Today, I'm thrilled to report, she is thriving in every possible way! I wholeheartedly believe that my unique life experience, education, research, work experience and studious nature are the reasons that I was able to help myself and my step-daughter break the cycle of trauma and lead much healthier and happier lives. I believe that everyone can have just that. And I'd love to help you.

Professional Bio

As a certified parent and caregiver coach, I teach practical and easily actionable parenting techniques to caregivers that bring out the best in their child, with a specialty in healing trauma and breaking its cycles. I partner with parents, teachers, and childcare professionals through individualized, targeted sessions that empower caregivers to curb their child's challenging behaviors and deeply connect while taking care of their own needs by practicing self care. In addition to parent coaching, I have worked with children on the autism spectrum and their caregivers at both in-home and school settings.


I am deeply sensitive to the role that cultural differences play in behavior and parenting, having moved to the United States from Russia at age 8. My vast personal experience, empathic nature, and intuition inform my approach in parent coaching to create nurturing environments in which adults and children can thrive.


2020 Global Presence Ambassabor: The "Global Presence Ambassador" designation is an honorary title, recognizing the work of individuals around the globe who are passionately nurturing a more professional Life Skills educational process. 

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Maria Natapov, Certified Parent and Caregiver Coach