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Are you worried that something might be wrong with your child?


You've tried everything but don't know how to help?


You can't seem to find a "way in"?

You've Come to the Right Place!

I heal trauma by breaking its cycles.

Through parent coaching, I empower you to curb your child's challenging behavior and assist you to deeply connect.

I also work with you to tend to your own needs through self-care, providing healing and closure at a deeper level and setting your family up for continued success.

Start finding answers and getting the assistance you need. 

A call is free. I'm here to help.


I offer a new understanding and specific, easily actionable strategies to curb your child’s challenging behavior and to establish a deeper, more meaningful, and mutually fulfilling connection with your child - bringing out the best in you both!

A parent coach is:

  • a non-judgmental supporter

  • someone in your corner

  • someone to join you in the trenches


When you feel:

  • alone

  • at your wits’ end

  • like you have nowhere to turn 

  • that you’ve tried everything to help your child and nothing is working...and instead, seems to be making things worse



  • Gaining thorough understanding of the root causes to implement practical strategies for effective results

  • Helping the child understand and tend to their true feelings, so that they don't come out "sideways" 

  • Developing respectful communication = deeper and more meaningful connection 

  • Creating a calm and confident atmosphere that restores peace and joy


  • Through my vast training and experience, I have worked directly with children with trauma, special needs, and a variety of diagnoses

  • Being an immigrant, I deeply understand the important role that cultural differences play in parenting and a child's behavior

  • I care. I am extremely dedicated to my clients and ensuring that they have the tools and resources they need to achieve success. I not only want to support the child, but I believe that healing comes from all parts of the family. Too often the caregiver's needs are neglected. My unique services focus on the clan as a whole




My methods are useful regardless of most underlying causes including one of or a combination of trauma, autism, mental or physical health challenges, abuse, grief and loss. I have experience working with teachers, childcare professionals, and clinicians and can include interfacing with them as appropriate in our work together.  


​The most popular way of working with me is through Private Coaching. This option is super convenient and offered via Zoom, so the caregivers don't even have to be in the same place at the same time! It requires no commute - just a device with audio and video capabilities and an internet connection. We will discuss and collaboratively decide on how we will work together and what your goals and aspirations are with regard to coaching.

  • Each session (50min.): At the beginning of each session you will share what you would like to focus on and what result you are hoping to achieve by the end of the session and we collaboratively work to accomplish it. 


Private Coaching

One-on-one support, privacy, maximum attention and focus on what matters to you! These sessions are designed to get to the heart of your specific struggles and target the areas that need most immediate attention. 

Groups + Speaking Engagements

I love educating groups around the physiology of the child's brain and how to interact with children to bring out the best in them and yourself. If you have a group or an event that aligns well with this theme, I'd love to be a part of it! 


Experience the power of "one mind" - a cumulative effect larger than the sum of its parts - when exploring an issue from various perspectives with individuals working towards a common goal. Working in this way often leads to accelerated learning and extraordinary breakthroughs.

Coming Soon!

I'm here to listen. I'm here to help.

"Having Maria as my restorative parent coach has helped me in so many ways.


Besides being a most positive and supportive ally during my parenting struggles, she has also been a wonderful teacher, giving me tools to establish a much closer, less stressful relationship with my daughter. I now have a clear understanding of why I was struggling as a parent, and why my child was struggling as well. It has been a wonderful opportunity to learn with her and I benefited so greatly from our time together. 


Trusting my child to take on more responsibility has been life-changing. She feels better about herself and is able to develop new skills to handle things on her own. I am guiding her instead of ordering her around, and this is giving her a new confidence I have not seen in her before!


It’s been life-changing for me and I am quite sure it will be for you too!"

Jenei Ocean-Samhadanah, mother of a 14-year old

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Hi, I'm Maria!

I’m a Certified Parent and Caregiver Coach.


As a Russian immigrant with primary care takers who survived World War II, I’m no stranger to adjustments and challenges.


I've done a lot of work on myself to heal the emotional wounds that, once upon a time, I wore as badges to remind me of where I'd been.


Once I gained awareness that I could - and deserved to - live a peaceful life of ease and joy, everything shifted for me.


I felt better, my relationships greatly improved, and I had the strength to more effectively help my loved ones, as well as build a better and more fulfilling life for myself. 


I believe that everyone can have these gifts, and that it's what we all deserve! 


I want to help you do just that.